Sunday, February 15, 2009

For my first post ever I wanted to do a little fashion instruction for all y'alls benefit.  I'm using two willing participants in the fam.  First the do not: do not wet yourself and then let your brother take a picture of you, big fashion no-no. Second: I want everyone to study this photo, because this is the epitome of the fashion face which we all need to learn if we want to go anywhere in the fashion world, tracy can answer any specific questions you have.

Now that the instruction is done, this is just my Sunday best and a shout-out to Matt for the jacket.  I'm still working on the whole fashion face, but it'll improve, along with the rest of yours I hope, in the near future.


Matt "Hacksaw" Harrison said...

Just for the record, I POURED that water on me to make Lance feel better 'cause I had just dumped water on HIS crotch. Plus, I think my fashion face is pretty legit in that first one. Finally, welcome to FH brother.

Brooke said...

finally. finally.